One Trip Many Synergies Between Canada and China

Reinforce Further Corporation with Local Enterprises In China

Business Highlights 

we opened a new Gateway and laid the foundation for Both China and Canada to have a further tap into the potential of mutual complementarities and strengthen exchanges in Science and Technology exchange.


Our Deputies and Hangzhou Cross-border E-commerce Association signed the "Memorandum on Promoting China-Canada Cross-border E-commerce Reciprocity Development"

We Introduced  the FTZ Opportunities For Cross-border Logistic


During the visit, our vice-president Ms. Juliet gave a speech on what types of business you can do in order to enjoy the maximum benefit from this Foreign Trade Zone Project of Vancouver Island.

Followed up with Mr. Qiu Jianyu, the project manager of the International Trade and Investment Office of the BC Government (East China), introduced the regional economic environment of BC, Canada.from an appealing and interest point of  view to explian the fesibility study for developing  their business activities with Chinese domestic  companies. 

Local News Interview with Our CEO Jacky

Connecting With One Of The Fastest Growing E-Commerce Platforms in China.

our mission is to build a bridge between Chinese domestic  fast growing companies who is seeking for international trading opportunities and on the willing to expand their business outside of China. or even build cross-border corporations. 

we can find the exclusive beneficial way to help individual business entities in building the unique business model and it will enhance your portfolios and support your credit  in doing future business activities.

Our CEO Has Proudly Signed a Strategic Alliance  Agreement With YANTAI Fisheries Association.

Yantai is located in Shandong province as one of the leading cities in Marine fisheries around China. This nature of business is particularly matching with BC. Canada, one of the Largest marine Fisheries industry throughout the world. We believe in working closely as business alliance together we can make outstanding and long-lasting contribution in developing the area such as Marine Aquatic Technology, Education and Research in International Trading.